Women Empowerment Trainings

Victoria Steele is a Women’s Empowerment Advocate. Over several decades she has been a television/radio journalist, mental health counselor, state legislator and professional coach. She has the expertise to guide women on how to achieve positions of leadership especially in fields long considered “a man’s world.” Victoria is a sought-after speaker who delivers presentations to universities, women’s associations, political organizations, corporations and community groups.

Victoria knows every company and organization has its own vision, mission and each faces its own set of unique challenges. She offers in-depth trainings that are tailored to help your group meet its distinctive needs.

Her interactive trainings range from one to three hours (depending on the need) are perfect for trainings, workshops, conference breakouts, forums or women’s network events.

General training topics:

  • The Gender Leadership Gap
  • Women at Work
  • Women & Politics


  • Creating a Women-Friendly Workplace
  • The Gender Leadership Gap – How to Bridge the Divide
  • Women: If We’re Not at the Table – We’re on the Menu
  • Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Lead
  • Superwomen – Leaping Tall Buildings in a Single Bound and Other Harmful Myths
  • How to Run Like a Girl & Why it’s Important for Women to Run for Office
  • Behind Every Empowered Woman is a Tribe of Empowered Women Who Have Her Back