Gender Leadership Gap

Gender Leadership Gap

How Individuals and Employers Can Close the Gender Leadership Gap

We hear a lot about the problem, and now Victoria Steele shares ideas on actions individuals and employers can take to solve the issue. In this interactive presentation, you will learn how women can take the lead in their communities and in the workplace.

The gender disparity in the Fortune 500 world has been a particularly hard glass ceiling to crack.  And while much attention has been given to understand the gap, not much has been said on how to solve the problem.   Victoria will present you with some ideas you will want to take action on:

gender leadership gap
  • Recognize existing, unconscious bias in the system and be proactive in hiring, promoting, assigning tasks and evaluating performance.
  • Develop policies that foster diversity in all levels and provide diversity training so that all people are embraced for who they are and what they bring to the table.
  • Increase salary transparency to ensure pay equity
  • Reduce the 24/7 connectivity requirements that dissuade many workers from pursuing a leadership position.
  • Make schedules more flexible
  • Strengthen your company’s family leave program so that those who need time to take care of an elderly family member or a sick child, know they will not have to choose between their family and their career.
  • Revamp your employee evaluation system to make it fairer.
  • Develop mentorship programs to give women in the pipeline professional guidance from both men and women in senior positions.
  • Increase the gender balance on corporate and organizational boards.

Victoria presents suggestions on what employers and policy leaders can do to close the gender gap and how it benefits society and the bottom line. Just as importantly, she provides much needed ideas on how to empower women in the workplace from asking for help, negotiating salary, position and perks, body language and getting heard.