About Victoria Steele

Victoria Steele is a life-long feminist, former State Representative from District 9 in Tucson mental health counselor, personal life-coach and a recent Congressional Candidate.

She enjoyed a 25 year career in radio and television news.  Dedicated to making positive social change she continues to work to inspire people and influence public decision makers to positive change the world.

She is also an accomplished keynote speaker, teacher and trainer experienced in presenting on Native American Culture, empowering women and a variety of public policy issues.

Before entering the world of politics, Victoria was a Master’s level professional helping women struggling with trauma and addiction.  She created the Native Ways program at The Haven, an award-winning substance use residential treatment program for Indigenous women.

Currently, Victoria Steele is the State Legislative Coordinator for the National Organization for Women and co-founder of the Tucson NOW Chapter.

Victoria Steele

AWARDS – Dedicated to making positive change in the world through building relationships, inspiring people and influencing public decision makers, Victoria has garnered numerous awards for her work in journalism, counseling and as a state lawmaker. Her recent honors include: Diverse Voices in Prevention Champion – Pima County Community Prevention Coalition Awarded for Standing for peace, justice and equality 2017

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