Meet Victoria Steele
Empowering Women in Leadership

Victoria Steele is a dynamic speaker whose genuine passion and enthusiasm inspires people to be their best self. She is a life-long feminist and a tireless advocate for women’s empowerment, the Equal Rights Amendment and preventing violence against women.

As a Native American (Seneca/Mingo), a former television and radio news anchor, mental health counselor, Arizona State Legislator and the founder of the Tucson Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Victoria brings a unique perspective to every presentation.

Keynote Speaking

Victoria’s infectious energy, passion and humor make her an entertaining and inspiring speaker. She draws on her wide range of experiences as a political leader, counselor, coach and broadcast journalist to deliver a powerful presentation that is easily transferable across industries.

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Victoria Steele is a Women’s Empowerment Advocate. Over several decades she has been a television/radio journalist, mental health counselor, state legislator and professional coach. She has the expertise to guide women on how to achieve positions of leadership especially in fields long considered “a man’s world.” Victoria is a sought-after speaker who delivers presentations to universities, women’s associations, political organizations, corporations and community groups.

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